01. Geocaching Adventure

Group photo take at Lata Kijang
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On a beautiful Sunday morning around 8:00am, 7 of us, armed with 2 GPS devices, driving a Ford Ranger and a Honda City set off to
Lata Kijang for a half day of adventure. All were very excited about this geocaching adventure, which was the 1st time for everyone of us except for Johann . Johann has been to many a geocaching trips before this in other countries besides Malaysia.

Journey to the destination took around 2+ hours, winding through the malay kampungs, up and down the hills, bumpy ride here and there on unsurfaced roads, passing by rubber estates, avoiding "gold piles" (cow's dung) on the road...it was like a journey to a well guarded and very "ulu" place. We missed a turning and got lost. Luck was on our side though...an "orang asli" (native people) was kind enough to lead us right up to the destination!

The terrain was getting tougher..with potholes appearing now and then, unsurfaced roads barely wide enough for 2 cars side-by-side, bridge made of logs...at one point, poor Honda City just couldn't take in the rough terrain anymore. We had to "abandon" it at road side, all jumped into the Ranger to continue the rest of the journey. When we came to the end of the road, what awaited us took our breath away. Though nothing impressive like Niagara Falls, Lata Kijang waterfall was still a scene to behold. The fall was almost vertical, the place pristine and mostly untouched. Cameras were busy clicking away, to capture the breathtaking scenes for later story telling moments.

We cooled off in the cooling waters, soaking our tired feet while adminiring the scenic waterfall. Johann and Matt were busy looking for the Geocache goodie bag, but this time luck was not on our side. The goodie bag was no where to be found. Disappointed though, we were not to be bothered. The scene that beheld at Lata Kijang was sweet and precious to savour. We were contented to say the least.

Interested in finding out about geocaching, check out at Geocaching website. This site will tell you all about geocaching and this may gives you ideas on how to have a simple adventure on your weekends and holidays!

"Life does not matter how many breaths we take, it is the moments that take our breath away that matters" - Unknown


Anonymous said...

wow. that Geo adventure is cool. Do keep us updated. We want to follow next time !!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the company, I really enjoyed this geocache search in rough terrain.


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