03. Going Javanese at Bayou

Fancy trying Javanese food in a cosy restaurant? Bayou Restaurant at Plaza Mont Kiara is a place to indulge. Had a lunch date today with my friend, Vay (*a very busy lady, but a nice person to chat with).

Vay Posted by Hello

This restaurant looks like old style Chinese kopitiam with wooden furnitures and white walls from the exterior. Step inside and you will be attracted to the interior decorations. There are lil ornaments in every corner, picture frames hanging on the wall, it's like stepping into an old colonial-style home.

The menu was a delight, with appetizers and salads to begin with, and pasta selections or choice of hot & spicy dishes to tingle your tastebuds, and top if off with delicious and tempting desserts.Though I have to mention that the price here is towards the more than average end.

One dessert worth mentioning is the Spanish Chikita. The name sounds cute, the dessert looks simple, and the taste is sinfully delicous! It is a mocha cake with sliced bananas, dried fruits and nuts at the bottom layer, laced with sweet milky sauce (*probably a mixture of milk, yoghurt and caramel), and few dashes of choc powder. This is definitely one of the best dessert i've tried.

What a sweet & delightful lunch! Try it if you do stop by Mont Kiara.The place itself is worth your visit ;-)

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