What's Your Dream Job?

I was doing random surfing and clicked on this really good quiz. The analysis actually reflects my personality. You will get to know what you are really good at, and what are your preferences when choosing a job.

Heres my score. Whats yours?

Number of A's: 2
Number of B's: 3
Number of C's: 4

Mostly D's: If you answered mostly D's, your ideal career is probably creative. Possible career choices include: writer, photographer, musician, interior decorator, graphic artist, fashion designer. Of course there are many more careers to choose from, but knowing your preferred type can help you narrow down the choices.

Mostly C's: If you answered mostly C's, your ideal career probably involves working with things. Tasks you might do in these careers include setting up, precision working, controlling, driving, operating, tending, feeding or handling. Possible career choices include: chef, repair person, carpenter, collectibles dealer, veterinary assistant and mechanic.

Mostly B's: If you answered mostly B's, your ideal career probably involves working with information. These careers may include tasks such as synthesizing, coordinating, analyzing, compiling, computing, copying or comparing. Possible career choices include: library assistant, editor, web developer, professional organizer, accountant or private investigator.

Mostly A's: If you answered mostly A's, your ideal career probably involves working with people. According to Human Resources Development Canada’s National Occupation Classification, these careers may involve: mentoring, negotiating, instructing, consulting, supervising, persuading, speaking, serving or assisting. Possible career choices include: teacher, human resources, flight attendant, life coach, daycare worker, personal assistant.


AquaMax said...

I got 5 B.... look like i already got my dream job...

lolipoops said...

Number of B's: 3
Number of D's: 3

Looks like I'm currently doing what I should be doing and should probably take up a part time job :D

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