Bedsetting Ceremony 安床仪式

Bedsetting day was set on March 13th. Bedsetting is a simple ceremony which basically means putting the new bed in the wedding couple's room and laying on new bedsheets.

N's mom was the one who set the bed for us. She put some coins in the angpows (red packets) and put them underneath the two legs of the bedframe (near the headboard). This is supposedly to offer and pray to the "Mother of Bed" (literal translation) 床母, who will guard over the wedding couple and bless them with children. Then both of us helped to put on the new red bedsheets with dragon and phoenix designs (resembling the wedding couple). The double happiness lamps were also put on the bedside table and litted up till the wedding day.

N's two cousin brothers were invited to "jump on the bed" 跳床 after the bedsheets were laid. Only boys are allowed. This is to bless the wedding couple to have sons soon after getting married (早生贵子). After that no one is allowed to enter the bedroom or to touch anything in the room.

red bedsheets, double happiness sticker and lamps litted up

N using angpow to trick little cousin to jump on the bed

N's two cousins

my dressing table

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