Maldives Honeymoon trip - Day 2

We were woken up by the morning prayers from the mosque nearby the hotel. It was not even 7am local time, but the skies were bright already.

We went to the sixth floor for the breakfast. The place was small and no other guests were around yet. We chose a seat with a nice view overlooking the jetty and the sea. We were expecting a buffet breakfast, but were glad when the waiter served us toast, fruit juice, sausages, omelet, grilled mushrooms, fruits and coffee while we enjoyed the nice view and busy taking photos. I must say the breakfast was good.

Around 8:30am, a tour agent met us at the hotel lobby and guided us to the jetty. We took at short ferry ride to the airport island and waited at the airport for the speed boat transfer to the resort. To give you an idea how costly the food/drinks are at the airport, we bought a 500ml bottled mineral water and 300ml bottled Coke, and we were charged USD7.

There were about 7 couples in the speedboat, including ourselves. The ride was about 75 minutes. It was blue colour everywhere you look, the skies, the water and few specks of white and green in the faraway islands. It gets boring after awhile, and most of us on the speedboat were soon snoozing away.

The room was ready for us when we arrived. We were briefed about the resort amenities, the activities and where to get food. As I had stated that we are honeymooners, our room had some flower decorations and a complimentary fruit basket. The view from the room was wonderful. You could enjoy the breeze look out to the horizon from the balcony . And when you look down, you could see corals & fishes swimming in the shallow clear water.

Initially we wanted to join the shopping trip to a nearby island in the afternoon. But the hot weather and after a long ride to the resort, we decided to have lunch and nap in the comfy room :P When we woke up, it was already late evening, and we managed to get a few glimpses of the sunset view and took some photos with the tripod. It was such a serene view, as you listen to the sound of waves beating the shores.

We decided to try out the Thai restaurant for dinner. The food was quite delicious. We tried something new that we dont get in the usual Thai restaurants in Malaysia - fried marinated pork slices with bread crumbs (I cant remember the name). The food preparation was a bit long, but we had too much time on our hands. So we whiled away time snapping photos as the table (again). We spent about USD50 for the meal.

There wasnt much entertainment at night. We sipped cocktails at the lounge area while listening to live singing. And that was the second day.

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AquaMax said...

the dish look really good.
I guess it worth the USD50

firethorn said...

I had curry fish with rice. It tasted abit salty, but it was yummy. The salad thingy u see in the pic is chicken salad.

Food price is reasonable for a resort price range. And the food portion is big too :)

lolipoops said...

the sunset looks surreal lah...nice!

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