My first try at cooking sambal udang petai

I had bought the Maggi sambal pedas paste during one of my groceries shopping trip. And got some petai and limau purut leaves from the pasar borong last week. N had volunteered to "kopek" the petai so I had no excuse to not cook the sambal udang petai dish.

This was my first try at cooking this dish, so both of us were abit excited. You must be thinking that both of us must be crazy to be excited over one dish. But you see, we both love this dish, and petai, alot :P

The cooking turned out to be quite simple in fact. I had followed the cooking instructions on the sambal paste packaging and added my own ingredients, and voila!...you have the sambal dish.

Ingredients I used: de-shelled prawns, petai, ladies fingers, red onions, cut chillies, limau purut leaves, a bowl of asam jawa juice, tomatoes, some sugar and salt to taste, and of course the sambal paste.

First I lightly fry the onions and chillies, then put in the petai and ladies fingers, pour in the asam jawa juice, the sambal paste, tomatoes and the limau purut leaves to boil for like 5-7 minutes. When the fragrant smell of sambal permeates your kitchen, put in the prawns and boil for few minutes more. Then switch of the fire, and serve. Itu macam aje, kan senang? ;-)

Excuse me for the poor photo qualities, taking photos while cooking is not a simple task when you have oily fingers :P

some of the ingredients for "sambal udang petai""tumis" the onions and chillies

boiling the gravy

my first sambal udang petai (we had roti canai to dip in the leftover the next morning :P)
some fried taufu with thai chilli sauce

the 3-course dinner (abit too much for 2 persons hor?)


AquaMax said...

you can try fried taufu with rojak source... mix the rojak source with some black soy source and sugar.

firethorn said...

yum yum...sounds like the taufu bakar. The chilli sauce from my MIL, so i thought of trying it as a dip.

Thanks for the tip, I'll try your suggestion when I get the rojak sauce :)

jiawen said...

oh my... my fav petai~
when u both wanna play masak-masak and invite us to makan huh... : P

lolipoops said...

wah, nice kitchen with nice ingredients....heaven!

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