Waffle World @ Sunway Pyramid Old Wing

Last Friday I was discharged from having to cook dinner :) I think it was also gods will that there was a blackout when we were just about to leave the house that night. (how to cook in the dark leh) So we went to Sunway Pyramid.

We had a hard time finding a parking lot, and our stomachs were grumbling, the time was already 8:30pm. And being not familiar with all the eateries in Sunway Pyramid, we spent another 10-15 minutes choosing a place to fill our stomachs..it was then this shop caught my eye. The big waffle sign at Waffle World! Ok, not exactly an appropriate choice for dinner. But hey, they also serve some main courses, and we could have waffles for desserts, right? :P

I had to remind N not to dig in before I get the chance to take photos of the food. We ordered Footlong Experience (the 1-foot long sausage), Spaghetti Vongole (spicy with clams) and the Triple Nutz Waffle. The Footlong experience had a cute presentation resembling a smiley face, I had a small bite of the sausage, but it tasted normal. My spaghetti vongole was a letdown. I had expected a spicier dry chilli taste, but it came in more tomato-ish gravy. The clams were small and not very succulent. (what do you expect from a waffle shop rite?) But the Triple Nutz Waffle.waaa..that looked extremely yummy and you bet it tasted heavenly too! The waffle has chocolatey taste & smell of cocoa, the fillings was fully of nuts. And with the ice cream topping on it..yummy! You have to try it yourself.


AquaMax said...

i can only say..
people is selling waffle la....
order other food sure not nice one..

firethorn said...

hahaha... you are right!
I went there for the waffles not the main course. yumyum..still thinking the yummy waffle taste :P

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