Maldives Honeymoon trip - Day 1

Our honeymoon trip started the day after our wedding banquet. It was a late evening flight to Maldives, lucky it was a direct flight with MAS. I must admit it was a shock to find that there were so many Indians on board with us. Do not get me wrong here, I've nothing against Indians. I'm just not used to boarding flights with so many Indians onboard, and almost all of them are males! I'm guessing they are foreign labours who are just flying back to their hometown, as our flight was a connecting flight to Colombo, after stopping at Male (capital of Maldives).

The flight started off nicely, until there was this white guy sitting beside who took off his shoes, and all of a sudden, a whiff of "ikan masin kering" smell permeated our section of the cabin. We're lucky to get another 2 adjoining seats in other section of the cabin. We guessed the air stewardess knew why we requested to change seats.

The in flight food was a new experience too, as it served either vegetarian or curry chicken meal only. This was probably because a large number of the passengers are Indians and vegetarians. We guess the most surprising part of the meal was having fragrant spices as aftermints! The small packet consists of various spices that looks like cumin seeds or what-ever-spices-that-I-don't-recognise. You chew on them and they emit and leave behind a nice smell (if you ask me, nothing in it that smelled like mint to me).

It was about four hours flight, and we reached there 9:15pm local time. Male is 3 hours behind Malaysian time. We were greeted by a tour agent who escorted us to board the ferry to Male island. Male airport is on another island, which is only 10 minutes ferry ride away from Male island. We checked in to Hotel Relax Inn (RM497++/night for one double bed standard room inclusive of ferry transfer from/to airport) which was less than 5 minutes' walk from the jetty. This was an overnight hotel before the transfer to the resort on the next day.

The hotel staff served us a concoction of pineapple and orange juice as welcome drink. The room was appallingly small! I've booked a double bed, but frankly it looked like a super single bed to me. Lucky both of us could still squeeze in the bed without either of us falling off the bed.

Accomodation booking:

Flight with MAS:

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AquaMax said...

there always a lot indians on board.
one time they try to make friend with me....yeeewwww...

firethorn said...

make friends ar..good mah :P

we noticed one thing abt them that's funny (at least it seemed to me at that time). Since it was bedtime onboard, these Indians like to wrap the blanket around the head and body while sleeping. What an interesting sight when not just one of them is doing that.

AquaMax said...

wrap the blanket around your head makes you feel warm.... you can try that

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