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Got another newbie "kaki" who just joined in the bloggers' world. Check out this blog, http://jendelait.blogspot.com

Oh, but you gotta know how to read Malay though, because this is a blog in Malay. T.B is blogging about IT news in Malay, konon-konon nak bagi pembaca-pembaca bahasa melayu lah tu... and also wanted to explore dia punya proficiency in bahasa melayu, tak tau lah tu...but so far I've read the articles, and nasib baik tu...I can still understand lah :P
Anyway, it does bring a change to read IT news in Malay. Easier to understand gua? Judge for yourself! Oh, be kind enough to put your comments for this newbie blogger ok?

OMG, I'm starting to blabbler in rojak manglish! duh~ anyway, this will add to my list of blogs to read when i'm bored with time to spare.

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