My life: Fiancee-to-be?

I just realised I got a new nickname this morning. Though it doesn't count as something new, it did however caught me offguarded to actually hear anyone calling me that. Haha...and I thought I was always just "N's gf". haha...silly me. But it was kinda sweet ('',)

N was picking up his colleague, the hunky American who looked like a blind mat salleh with shades and walking stick, on the way to work this morning. And when that mr mat salleh hopped into the back seat, he just blurted out, "Hey, good morning N's fiancee-to-be..."

Yah... you could guess how I looked then. Totally blur for a few secs, figuring did I heard him correctly. Then my brain sort of confirmed my suspicions, "yeah...that should be referring to me". before I regained my composure and managed to greet him with the usual "good morning". Duh~

With few friends' weddings happening around me lately.. this is getting abit nuts. I kept having to relay friends' wedding invitations to N. Shh...keep this secret k? I don't want N to have this silly idea that I'm hinting anything to him, at least not now yet. haha :P


rin-en said...

wihihiiii...... *evil grin*
skipping the fiancee part, so when do we get the RED card in the PINK envelope? :P

urdailyreader said...

y the hold back? since u've already found sum1 that u really wanna spend the rest of ur life wif.

I was once told, each of us was seperated with our destined "partner" on the day we were born. And one of our mission in life is to locate him/her.

Well...prolly an advance congratultion for u will b suitable now :)

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