My life: My mind in a day at work

Got this D's blog. Found this cartoon cute how it resembles quite similarly to boring working days in office. haha...no meh? look again and think carefully, you will see the similarities :P

Ok, here goes my version...

9am: Get my milo/ coffee/ tea fix from the coffee machine and take my brekkie.

9:30am: Read mails and news surfing

10am: Think about to do list.

11am: Think about lunch.

12am: No work please... Food only.

1pm: Think about zzz...

2pm: Still thinking about zzz..and more zzz...

3pm: Need a sugar fix, to the coffee machine again.

4pm: 2 more hours to go and I'm free!

5pm: Games/ gym/ movie/ dinner?

6pm: All systems shutdown. I'm FREE!

hahaha...now what's your version?


A.B said...

Walau wei... Got opening ah? :P

Good to hear that you are having fun.

Pooi Ling said...

my version:
8am: what's for breakfast?
9am: what's for lunch?
10am: what's for lunch?
11am: hmm...what's for lunch, hah?
1.30pm: sleepy time
2pm: still sleepy
3pm: when can i leave for home?
4pm: hmm..1 more hour to go
5pm: MERDEKA!!!!


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