My life: Reading Today's Horoscope

Taking cue from sleepyenzhi, Missy Jo is showing her horoscope reading prowess by taking 2 peeks into the telling glass ball...

From www.ivillage.com >>
Be patient. You have done everything you can. Right now, the ball is in their court.

From theSun newspaper >>
When you commit to something, you do it wholeheartedly. But now, in one particular situation, it's clear that you must take things in stages, it gives you the latitude to make any changes and, should it be necessary, the freedom to walk away.


rin-en said...
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rin-en said...

fuhh..from 2 different horoscopes!? Sounds like you were being sabotaged or sumthing... Sooooooo did you manage to ignore what you were supposed to..er.. ignore?

(sorry i had left out a word and my sentence was retarded so i had to delete and rewrite)

urDailyrEAdeR said...

Hi there.....i'm ur daily blog reader :) Interesting? nah....it't true....checking up ur blog...see whether is there any new post.....or new coffee sipped!...it's what i do everyday....as long as i got to online.....which is like "almost everyday" :)

woops...sorry for being so bubbly....juz come help it :)

yeah...just would want u to know....ur blog site had been hacked....or at least blogspot.com had been heacked.....there's a strange popup-user-login dialog box poping up.....by the time u click cancel...it popup again.

Prolly you can email such situation to blogspot.com to get thier attention...so prolly they can fixed it. :)

well...that's abt it :) till next time....take care

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