My life: My new "baby" came!

Hehehe...finally my new "baby" came. Yup, in shining silver...just like the charming prince in the fairytales. And I can finally put my bums on the seat, and place my hands on the steering wheel. Aaah~ yup, it does feel good to own this "baby".

Manuevering is definitely smoother and lighter, it responds faster to my every whims and fancy. Not that I've too many though... :P

Everything's just perfect. (*ok, maybe the shot of "baby" is not that perfect lah...what to do...camera phone lah..only 1.3 MP. hehe)


Pooi Ling said...

hey...wat's your baby's name? cant see the car number from the pix dee...wanna try my luck @ 4D la...ha..ha...ha....

firethorn said...

hahaha...I purposely blurred the number plate. If you know N's car number, then you'll know what's mine too :P

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