Jalan-jalan: Jonker Street, Malacca

The last few months of the year are always filled with a flurry of birthdays celebrations and many opportunities for indulging in food.

Yesterday was no exception, as I joined N's family for a satay celup (*sticks of fishballs and an assortment of other food dipped in boiling pot of satay peanut sauce) treat at Malacca. There are many of these satay celup shops around the town, but we went to one of those shops along Jalan Ong Kim Wee (if I remember the name correctly, which is near the Jonker Street). It is un-missable, as the shop signs are quite visible, and you will see many people crowding around the shops. And also there are parking spaces just opposite the shops, where you can also park in front of the furniture shops.

There were 3 shops side-by-side, and we chose the leftmost one, which sadly to say, was not as yummy as the one I tried last time (the rightmost shop). Anyway, 5 of us walloped 67 sticks. The last time we had were well over 100 sticks!

After dinner was shopping time in Jonker's Street. This street is supposedly closed to the traffic on weekend nights. There was even a big stage for old timers to have their "Jonker's Street Idol" (*Hokkien song singing competition). Many people were seen sitting there enjoying the show, saw one mat salleh video-recording the performance.

The street is totally not your typical pasar malam fare. Most stalls were selling local handicraft and local food products. There are also many cendol and ABC stalls, laksa stalls and many little snacks to tickle your tastebuds. The best would be to savour a bowl of ice-cold ABC or cendol at the end of your sight-seeing and shopping walk along the street. I bought myself 2 belts (RM15 only!), 2 rings (RM8.90, buy-1-get-1-free, left pic), pineapple tarts (RM5.90 per box) and Aik Cheong coffee powder (RM6 for 0.5kg).

Malacca has always been a nice place to visit or stayover for the weekend. It's only about 2 hours' drive from KL. And I must say the food there have always been a great attraction for me!


rin-en said...

what are those.. pre-engagement rings? :P

firethorn said...

haha aren't those supposed to be a lil more "glittering and shining"?

Nope, just a blue lil butterfly and green flower rings. They used the fine wires to hold the small stones in place.

rin-en said...

joking lah...jokingggggg... XD

you gotta get some of those for us when you have another round of food-hopping to malacca in the future heheheheee.. right gals?

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