Masak-masak: Pork and Shrimps Dumplings

This is the first time I tried my hands at making dumplings. To make things easier, I got the one packet of dumpling skins (RM1.65) from Tesco. It has about 27 sheets in a packet.

- a small tray of minced pork (just get one from the supermarket)
- shrimps (0.5 kg, peeled and cut in smaller pieces)
- 2 red onions (diced it finely)
- black fungus/"muk yee" (cut into fine shrips)
- 2 carrots (shredded into fine shrips)
- 3-4 teapoons of cornstarch
- 5-6 tablespoons of soy sauce
- 3-4 teaspoons of white pepper
- few dashes of sesame oil
- a few stalks of "hongkong choi sum" / or sawi (for soup)
- a handful of anchovies (for boiling the soup)

Method (the dumplings):
1. Mix in cornstarch to the minced pork.
2. Then mix in the shrimps, soy sauce, white pepper, and sesame oil. Mash everything in the mixing bowl.
3. Add in the carrots, onions and black fungus into the bowl. Mix well. Add more soy sauce if necessary.
4. Scoop a spoonful of the ingredients and put in the middle of the dumpling skin. Then fold it half-moon shape. Use your fingers to pinch the edges to make it stick and close the half-moon dumpling. Wet the edges with some water or egg white if necessary.

(the soup)
1. Put in anchovies and bring a half pot of water to boil.
2. Drop the dumplings gently one-by-one into the boiling pot.
3. When the dumplings float to the top, and the skin is translucent, scoop it out into a soup bowl.
4. Add in the few stalks of vege and scoop out when cooked. Put them on top of the dumplings in the bowl.
5. Pour the remaining soup into the serving bowl.

Ready to serve!

*My dad commented it was not salty enough, so I guess more soy sauce or salt need to be added to the recipe. Of course the actual ingredients can be changed to suit your preference.


AquaMax said...

putting some salted fish inside well taste better.

firethorn said...

oh, ya wor...didn't think of it at that time. hahaha...ask your gf to make some for you lah :P

AquaMax said...

you tot how i know it?
coz my gf make for me la..:P

firethorn said...

ooo..no wonder lah you sounded like expert. hehehe...rupa-rupanya ada "gf" di sebalik batu hahaha :P

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