My life: Tattoo Artist at Work

08 July, Saturday

that fine saturday night, with nothing to waste our time on, and the WC third place kick-off yet to start. we're just itching to do something. Then somehow, the topic of tattoo came alive.

Well, to me, a real tattoo will always look fab on other's skin. (but definitely not on MY skin!) I can't bear the pain and the torture of waiting hours for the completion of the "artwork". Not to mention probably a few pricks of blood! oooh...let's not get nasty here... :P

Anyway, one thing led to another, and suddenly I had became the "amateur tattoo artist"..hahaha...well, having said that an amateur was at work, the working tools used then started with only a blue ink pen to draw the outline of the tattoo. And then since the draft piece of "artwork" was "quite deceptive to the eyes"...we migrated to use a black roller ink pen to fill in the areas.

Oh, did I mention what was the tattoo design? silly me...of course not, we're feeling a little adventurous, eventhough we're first timers...hahaha...and we decided a dragon would make a good tattoo on the shoulder :D

anyway, i guess you all must be dying to see how my first piece of "artwork" looks like.. so without further a due, deng deng deng... see for yourselft...not bad leh? hahaha...so anyone out there likes to be my second "guinea pig" ? muahahaha...


rin-en said...

i would go for a tattoo if it wasn't painful. a tribal design near the small of my back would be nice....hehee..

firethorn said...

rin-en - yup, agree with you. that would be the coolest place on your body for a tattoo. A butterfly design make a good tattoo too ;-)

jiawen said...

ehh... if i would want to have a tattoo... i will place it on my left ankle... hehehe... :D

unfortunately nope...

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