My life: March forward to the battlefield!

Throbbing headache...feverish...tongue fighting...phew, what a way to spend half a day...

So nice just to lepak at home today. Ok, not really lepak...since I was taking the day off to attend a job interview :P

I didn't think I did well enough in my first phone interview the other day, so this time around I make sure I was better prepared, and did some ground work first.

The appointment was at 5pm, but to beat the traffic, and also because I was afraid I couldn't find the place...anyway, in the end I reached there around 4:15pm. Fine. Since I was early, I waited for 45 mins in the lobby idling away time before they called me for the meeting at 5pm sharp. Talk about punctuality.

Didn't quite expect to have 3 interviewers for the session. Anyway, now I know that fielding questions from 3 persons is not easy. Bcause first, 3 vs 1 leh...not fair...i one mouth, they altogether 3 mouths. I have to talk alot.

Second, your eyes have to dart here and there, focusing on the right person, and directing your answers and responses to the right person, while keeping an eye if one of them is getting disinterested in you.

Third, you feel like you are being scrutinised. Somemore they made me sat at the end of the table (the chairman's seat). Yalar...of course you feel like you are the chairman of the meeting, like a pro handling questions from your subordinates/fans/reporters...but hor..you also need to think fast and make sure your words don't come out before you think.

Roughly 1 hour in the "battlefield", I managed to come out unscathed, with just a throbbing headache to remind me how much thinking I just did in the room. The last time I did so much thinking was when I did the 3-hour Prince2 foundation exam 2 years ago (i think i almost fused the brain nerves). Felt so hot and feverish after that. But I'm glad I did it, and hopefully I did well enough to impress them.

Fingers crossed...hope to hear from them again in 2 weeks' time.


Pooi Ling said...

Why u never mentioned abt this to me? hehehehe......anyway...Good Luck and hopefully you can secure the position....

cYruS said...

as far as i know...u have always try to look for better jobs all the time since....and things will always work out the way u want :). Juz dont stress urself too much....

Jim Brickman is coming 2 town Maxis One Club. guess u had already grabbed ur tix for da concert eh :)?

till laters......ciao

firethorn said...

pooi ling - sorry i never tell you this, but I sure will tell you if I changed jobs :)

cyrus - better job opportunities that come at the right time are always good time to test yourself how much you are worth, and how well prepared are you for the job market.
I'm aware of the concert, but will give it a miss since I just attended an chinese oldies performance recently at Genting.

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