Makan-makan: Milo & Milk Bread Spread @ home

Ever wonder how much Malaysians L-O-V-E Milo?

We have Milo drink for breakfast, Milo-ais at mamak stalls, Milo-ping at kopitiam, neslo if you like a tinge of coffee to go with it, and of course, children's all time favourite - just eat it right out of the milo tin! hahaha...what do you mean you don't know the last one? Just take a scoop of out milo and put it in your mouth.

Milo is like one of the staple food in Malaysians' lives. And to show you one of the ways I enjoy my fav Milo, I like to spread it on my bread, and put a little condensed milk on it.... the taste is "heavenly"...hahaha...

Oh, there's another version...but this goes better if you have the bread toasted first. Then spread butter and sprinkle Milo on the toast. I read this version in the newspaper and tried it. It might sound weird, but once you tried it, it is quite tasty too!

For all Milo-lovers out there, share with me the ways you enjoy your Milo... ;-)


Liew said...


firethorn said...

liew - yup, this is my all time favourite too! :)

jiawen said...

hmm... that's also my fav when i was young... but i had it in other way round. i spread my bread first with a layer of condensed milk then only i spray lotsa milo on top... yummy yummy... : )~

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