Makan-makan: Laksa Shack @ MidValley

What to eat: All kinds of laksa noodles, roti jala, nasi beriani, nasi kerabu, roti canai
Where: Laksa Shack @ Mid Valley Megamall (LG Floor, opposite The Chicken Rice Shop)
Food rating: 3/5 (Johor Laksa)

The Laksa Shack recently opened another branch at Mid Valley. It already had branches in 1-Utama and KLCC. It was quite awhile ago the last time I had laksa at KLCC.

This new shop interior design and ambience is just so-so, but it looks clean and bright. Although I think the table arrangement is abit haphazard, it gave me a cramp feeling.

We sampled their Laksa Sarawak and Laksa Johor this time. The Laksa Sarawak is spicy and looks a bit dark due to the spices and the pepper used. I had the Laksa Johor, it is made of fish gravy (similar to Assam Laksa Penang), but is not sourish, instead it's more curry-ish taste. Just be careful not to swallow the tiny fish bones if you are gonna have this. One tiny one got into my throat, and almost made me choke! Gosh...

One drink to note though...try the iced white coffee with cincau. Never heard of it leh...me too...kakaka... though it sounded weird, but it's quite nice acutually. Since the cincau taste plain, it goes well with the coffee. And I think the white coffee provides a little creamy texture to the drink.

Wanted to sample the roti jala, but we're so stuffed up that we gave up. :P


rin-en said...

hey! laksa johor's my fave ya know?? :D I've never eaten any other laksa at Laksa Shack other than Laksa Johor!

firethorn said...

rin-en - whoa...really? i didn't know that. But my fav has to be asam laksa & curry laksa lah... nothing beats those haha... :P~

Pooi Ling said...

wah...ice coffee with cincau? u sure the 2 of it blends well with each other? hehehehe....

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