My life: Hello from Amsterdam

Got another call for phone interview last thursday. Could still remember I was so excited when I got that call. Afterall, it wasn't something that I had dreamt of getting at the current moment.

This time around, I could relate more to the job descriptions. And I could guess why I was selected for the first round of screening interview. So the appointment was set at tuesday night, where I would receive the call from Amsterdam. Well, it's not that often that you get calls from some other parts of the world..haha

Since I had gathered some experience from the 1st phone interview, this 2nd time was not too tough for me. Except that I had to try to grasp the interviewers' accent. And a slight reponse delay due to the communication distance.

Personally, I think that I did okay. As usual, keep my fingers crossed. I shall be expecting the results within the next few days. Wow...I thought that's really quick. Well, they did sound like nice people over the phone, especially the hiring manager. We did manage to laugh a little over something, and it was not too tensed as the 1st phone interview I had.

Now I'm starting to think, phone interviews ain't too bad afterall. It sure saves lots of hassle and time travelling to the place. And you have the advantage of refering to your notes while you speak, and taking down notes when they speak. Of course, one thing I learnt, when the person over the phone is introducing themselves or saying something important, you gotta remember to note it down. And do utter words of response, e.g. yeah, urm, that's good, great to hear that, understand that... Why? because the other person can't see if you are thinking or listening over the phone! And that's what I call phone etiquettes.

Guys, if you do have these phone interview experiences, share with me too! ;)


thongkk said...

I got 5 my phone interview last time. 1 was from Microsoft Japan, 2 from Citrix Japan and the other are recruiting agency from US and London. Yes, it is good to save your time to travel for the interview. And I agree that we may have the difficulty to understand their accent, especially from London.

mc said...

O. I like phone interview. You are selling yourself to them. Why should they hire you? This is interesting, is it?

rin-en said...

Yarh, hard to catch foreign accents through the phone..blimey, I couldn't make out what my then (now current) prospective employer had to say hehee

firethorn said...

thongkk - whoa...sounds like you very d expert at phone interview wor...haha

mc - yup. interesting. kinda like it after you had the first experience.

rin-en - haha..foreign accent ah, lucky me i went to AMS last year, so i guess it wasn't too hard for me to catch his accent :P

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