My life: Father's Day BBQ

It's been a long since we had BBQ party at home. And for this year Father's Day, we decided to pull out the old faithful BBQ stove and all our "ga-chang" (tools)..hahaha

And since sis said she's already an expert at organising BBQ during her days staying with her house mates. So I let her plan the whole thing, and I promised to go shopping with her for the food.

In the end we had chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, sweet potatoes, sausages, corns, vege salad, spaghetti "masala" (i used the sardines lah haha :P), watermelons, and oh, the delicious otak-otak from Muar sponsored by T. And extra watermelons and mangosteens from N just in case we get "overheated" from all the BBQ fun.

We had much fun from preparing to BBQ-ing and eating. Lucky it rained that afternoon, so it left the weather just cooling for the BBQ time. Well, this time around, I sure don't hear mom complains as much as she used to when we mentioned about organising a BBQ party. haha..probably that was because we did most of the work :P

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