Making my first Chicken Glutinous Rice (Lor Mai Kai)

This is one of the old draft posts which I never got to it to update and publish it. This was months ago when I bought a new recipe book by Amy Beh. Amy is the featured writer for the cooking conundrums column in The Star newspaper. You can also find her recipes on here.

The original recipe was for a vegetarian loh mai kai. However, I preferred the non-vegetarian version, so I added the waxed meat (lap cheong) and chicken to it. This recipe requires early preparation to soak the glutinous rice overnight, and involves lots of steps.

I recall the glutinous rice texture came out a bit soft, but the flavour was alright.

If you would like to try the non vegetarian version, try this recipe instead. Here are some photos I took of the cooking process.

The recipe
Arrangement of the ingredients in steel bowls 
The seasoning gravySteaming the glutinous rice in the wok

The Lor Mai Kai scooped out from the steel bowl.


katztales said...

Looks interesting! And arty too :-)

nise said...

wah... macam very edible wor.... so when are we going to your place for dim sum lo mai kai ar? :P

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