First Wedding Anniversary

N & I actually celebrated our first wedding anniversary a day late. Yeah..he actually forgot it on the day itself! Of course I was a bit pissed at that, but my usual self just would not allow me to blow the top. He messaged me the next day confessing his blunder, and promised to bring me out for a nice dinner. I thought probably it's also a blessing as we would not have enjoyed celebrating it on a Thursday night compared to a Friday night.

We had German dinner fare at the Stadt restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong. We tried the popular pork knuckles, pork chop, the imported German beer (forgot the name), the green pea soup (which I didn't like), the seafood soup (yummy, I like the tomato base) and a mocktail (also forgot the name :p). The food portions were huge! The pork knuckles were grilled to perfection, as the crispy skin smelled so yummy, just like the siu yok, but much better. I definitely agree with all those food bloggers out there that you just have to get more than 2 persons to sample the food there. The price is reasonable, cheaper than some other German restaurants in KL.

And as a anniversary gift, I get to pick a watch for myself! So this is what I picked - a Solvil Titus white leather bracelet watch, with date display and luminous hands, which I have always wanted in my lady watch.


AquaMax said...

happy anniversary....

michelle.c said...


katztales said...

Happy anniversary. We always forget ours too. And my absent minded half was there when my friends sang happy birthday but he thought it was an early celeb and he wished me happy birthday a week later.... I could never write about it; nobody would believe it.

firethorn said...

All, thanks for the wishes :)

katztakes - I hope he remembers the anniversary this time around.

Ji said...


Happy Belated Easter!
have fun for free stuff.

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