Kiko's first professional potrait shoot

Here's a photo my cousin brother took using his DSLR camera during the CNY at his house.
A very first "professional potrait" shoot of Kiko. He looks so photogenic, you can see the fur behind his ears are really growing out.

N & I love this photo!


katztales said...

Cuuute! We found a lost chihuahua a few days ago but we managed to reunite him with his mummy in about an hour. Au wanted to eat him.

firethorn said...

katztales, I can't imagine loosing my chihuahua! Kiko likes to wander out to my lil garden alone, but I still get panic when I call him and he doesn't respond.

Kiko is also not on friendly terms with the neighbourhood cats who likes to loiter around my house. He may be smaller than the big cats, but he barks fiercely at them!

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