The X-mini Happy

Read about this X-mini Happy's product review on CNET. This is a portable music player with an all-in-one design. It is small enough to be portable anywhere, measuring a little more than 6cm when expanded.

MP3 songs can be loaded in microSD card or SD card (with SD to microSD adapter). It also allow connection via the 3.5mm headphones jacks. The navigation control for the mp3 player is not exactly the best you would expect for standard mp3 players, but the sound is loud enough considering its small size.

Too bad the price was not mentioned on the site. Well, not that I've any use for this mp3 player at the moment. But it would be kind of cool to be able to share music on the go. Hey, which means you could party anywhere! On second thought, if it is doesn't burn too big hole in my pocket, I might get one to put in my newly setup first floor family area, so that I can listen to my favourite songs while chilling out in my cosy nook.

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AquaMax said...

i think buy an Ipod/iphone is better...
checkout the video on my facebook...

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