DIY puppy bib

I was randomly surfing on ebay and stumble onto pets apparel, and then one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was looking at this - How to make a dog sweater from a sock. Yup, you read it right.

I was so inspired that I ransacked my clothes drawer and rummaged through to pull out my old pair of old socks which was ages ago since I put them on. I did a few measurements on a reluctant Kiko and armed with the simple instructions, I made a few snips to my sock. Then it was time to test the fit on Kiko...

As if he knew something fishy was going to happen, he tried to avoid me by hiding in his little nook. I managed to catch hold of him, but he was still wriggling furiously in my grip. With much effort, I finally managed to slip the sock over his head. Nope.....a little tight round the neck, so I made bigger slits to fit the fur around his neck. It took me a few tries, before it actually fit nicely on him. As I don't have a bigger size sock, the supposedly doggy shirt kinda fall short of his full torso length and looked more like a bib than a shirt.

Here's some pictures of Kiko in the first DIY "bib".

At first, it was intended to be a "superman" cape.

After running around, the "cape" got turned upside down and transformed into a "bib"!

Notice how Kiko put up a nice proud pose to model his bib :P

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