I won a hamper!

There was a local event in celebration of the Chinese New Year today. As usual, I try my best to participate, mostly as audience and grab the door gifts :P

The big prize of the day was a big hamper waiting to be won. All that was needed to win was to name the 12 chinese zodiac animals in sequence. The first time the question was asked, I had not raise my hand. I hesitated. But when the question was posed the second time, I thought what the heck, and my arm just shot up! And my heart was pumping hard, I was nervous and thinking "sh*t, what if I can't remember all of them in the right sequence...".

I guess the lucky star was shining on me that day. I was selected to answer the question. I managed to got all right and won the hamper! Yay!!! 

Oh, about the hamper...it was a usual hamper stacked up with lots of junk food, a sparkling juice, some bird nests soup, and some canned food. So I didn't bother to take a photo of it. It wasn't the hamper that gave me the happiness, it was the "lucky factor" and the fact that I won the big prize that made my day! 

I say that's a good start to the roaring Tiger year ! :)

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