Kiko's first neighbourhood walkabout

Kiko was 4 months old yesterday! My yoga class was cancelled last minute. Wait a minute…what has the yoga class to do with Kiko’s 4 months old?

You see…I usually don’t bring my running shoes when it’s Yoga class day. Since it was cancelled last minute, I can be running “kaki ayam” in the gym right? Abaden..?

So N and I skipped gym session and got back from home early yesterday, and since it was Kiko’s 4 months old and he had just completed his 3rd vaccination, we decided to bring him out of the house. Yup, it’s Kiko’s first official walkabout in the neighbourhood and here’s Kiko speaking about his adventure…


Today daddy and mommy came home early. They are usually late on Tuesdays. I wonder why? I guess I must have been a good boy.

Mommy is not cooking dinner yet, and my dinner bowl is still not filled up. Hey, what’s happening?

Mommy is bringing her camera, and daddy is bringing the radio-controlled car he just bought last weekend. They were tempting me to follow them out of the house, but where?? Am I really allowed to go out of the house? I’m so sssscared…

Mommy finally picked me up and carried me along the street in front of our house. There are sooo many new things, sooo many new smells and sounds. But I want to walk on my own, so mommy put me down on the tarred road. Yuck! It smells dirty, and my paws are getting dirty. Wait..what are these black little things…lick lick... weird taste, but they are kinda hard and I can’t swallow them.

I started to sniff around, and I saw my Indian neighbours and Malay children looking at me. I must be so cute that they like to look at me doing my first walkabout :P

I need to pee…but where’s my newspapers? I can’t pee here… but I can’t hold anymore…

Aah… I’m relieved. Wait…my poop is coming out too..

Funny daddy and mommy didn’t yell at me. Daddy just casually pick up my poop with a piece of scrap paper.

I chased at the radio controller car, but it’s boring. There are so many things to explore here…
Wait..what’s that big fat creature that’s walking towards me…so fast! Oh no, it’s the next door neighbour’s pug, Puggy.

Puggy is dashing at me, she kept circling me, and trying to smell my a$$. Then she jumped over me. Piss off you fat dog! You are not smelling my a$$. And don’t “hempap” me with your big heavy body ok?

I’m crouching low, I don’t know where to run. Daddy and mommy are stunned, and then daddy picked me up and rescued me from that rowdy Puggy. Daddy’s my hero!

Today’s such an adventure, I'm so hungry now. I just want to eat.


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jiawen said...

wow~ kiko is such a clever boy
my boy don't even dare to walk at any other places except my hse + his grandma's hse... =.=

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