Fascination of blender and banana honey milkshake

I've bought a bunch of pisang emas a few days ago. When I bought them, they were still greenish yellow in colour. But they turned yellow in just a day. Anyway, that's not my point. My point is yesterday night, I enjoyed my first homemade banana honey milkshake. Not that I never drank banana milkshake before, but having it prepared by N is not an everyday's luxury ok? :P

I finally bought a Philips blender two weekends ago. N's quite fascinated with the idea of blending fruit juices and milkshakes and ice blended drinks and smoothies and....well, you get the idea. Meanwhile, I'm pretty impressed with the chopper function. It shaves off lots of time chopping up the garlics and carrots and any other food you can think off. NOW I know how useful and convenient the chopper can be.

In case you're wondering, I'm not trying endorse any Philips products here, or trying to show off my new blender. I'm just sharing the fascination and joy of buying my first own blender and making yummy drinks out of it. Hmm..chillies, garlics and gingers will be next. Not for drinks laa..for my curry dishes laa... ;-)

Oh, I almost forgot, if you're looking for banana honey milkshake recipe...

3 or 4 bananas (depending on size and how banana-ish taste you like)
2 tablespoons of honey
1 small box of milk

1. Peel and cut bananas into smaller chunks (2-3 cm)
2. Put bananas into blender jug and pour in the milk.
3. Add honey.
4. Blend the mixture for few seconds until it's foamy and all bananas seems to be blended into bits.
5. Put some ice cubes and enjoy your drink.


AquaMax said...

hows the banana thing taste like?
I remember put a few drops of lemon juice make it doesn't look dark.

firethorn said...

wow...lemon juice? hmm..maybe if I have a lemon i'll try that.

The milkshake looks yellowish-whitish, but if you leave it too long it will turn abit brownish lor..

vay said...

yummy! Bananna Milkshake is one of my fav! Let's do a milkshake party! We bring the fruits you do the blending :)

lolipoops said...

i bring my tummy :D

firethorn said...

As i'm reading this on a hot afternoon, I'm sipping my blended starfruit juice with honey. nyeknyeknyek :P

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