It's all about dogs at Malaysia Dog's Day

We went to the Malaysia Dog Day. Oh my! There were so many dogs and puppies. Even when we parked our car, we could see the owners getting their dogs out of the car, and walking to the venue.

Once we were there, we proceed to register ourselves at the registration counter. Then we were busy checking out the stalls and other dogs, and snapping pictures of some cute dogs that we saw, or chatting with the owners about their dogs.

Kiko was too young to take part in any of the contests, so we just went to watch. We managed to catch the dogs' tails wagging contest, dog recalling contest, and the weaving the pole contest. It was fun to wactch how the dogs sprinted across to the finishing line, or trying to figure out their owners' wishes to weave through the poles.

Then there were dogs who barked at each other, or trying to sniff out each other asses (dog's way of getting to know each other), or even trying to bite and start a fight! We're quite lucky that Kiko was out of harm's way, staying safe in his dog bag. He didn't even bark or whimper abit. In fact, he looked kinda bored and sleepy because 11am onwards is usually his mid-day nap time.

There were some stalls selling dog accessories and some merchandise. We got Kiko 3 shirts for RM50, and we got a free soft toy for him! We didn't stay long to grab the goodies bag or the lucky draw results. We left before 1pm, but it was an eye opening day for me.

Check out my flickr page for the photos taken at the venue. Excuse for some bad shots, it is kinda hard taking photos of moving dogs! :P


katztales said...

Food and dogs: great blog!

firethorn said...

hey katztales, thanks for dropping by again :)
I read about another pets event coming up - Dogathon 2009

Check it out!

Twiggy said...

sounds like you guys had a doggone fun filled day! :D

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