Getting better :)

After more than a week of sniffling and coughing, my flu is finally on the upper end of recovery route :) I woke up yesterday morning feeling better already. My nose amazingly didn't "run", and my coughing was lesser.

I think I owe it to the "morning sleep-in till 10am" on the last weekend. Thanks to N who considerately didn't wake me up when he quietly woke up earlier to feed breakfast to Kiko, who waited patiently for me to wake up to have breakfast with me, all the while keeping himself busy surfing Internet and playing Xbox games in the living room (at least that's the sound I heard from underneath the sheets upstairs in my bed :P)

Perhaps I was exhausted for the past few weeks without enough rest, that I didn't realise my body immunity system was under performing.

Anyway, all I wanted to say was, I'm thankful and glad that I'm feeling better already. And thanks to N who was understanding to occassionally excuse me from dinner cooking duties and patient with my sometimes irrational behaviours when I'm feeling sickly :P


vay said...

Hey...didn't know you were sick! Haven't been checking blogs and updating blog..hehehe..typical me. Anyway, glad that you are feeling better now. Take care!

firethorn said...

ya..sicked for more than a week. Keep on posting sketches on your blog ok? I'm running out of funny blogs to read :P

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