Dancing bamboos, crazy shopping and a punctured tyre

My garden weeds are growing like nobody's business, and besides the little purple and white flower plants I bought last month, my garden looks kinda bare. My bum was itching to visit the plant nursery, so I bugged N to bring me there.

I like those bamboo trees that sway in the wind, it has so "zen-feel" in it, and looks like it's the in-thing nowadays. So we got two matured bamboo trees, which cost me RM110 each. I guess it was worth it, since the trees were already taller than my head, and had 5 to 6 trunks with leafy branches. Then I also got some other smaller flower plants. The plus point was the nursery worker was going to deliver the plants we bought and "cangkul" the hard soil and plant the bamboo trees for me!

After spending RM250 in that nursery, it was finally raining after a long stretch of dry humid days. It was pouring hard, and our tummy very growling loud. We head to Jusco for lunch and shopping. Shopped we did, membeli dan membelah our wallets. I got another two pair of shoes, when I just got the first 2 pairs last week! Gosh! But it was on sale, and I thought the shoes were lovely and so comfy!!

Anyway, after belah-ing our wallets, and ready to go home...N discovered one of the rear tyres was punctured. Right in the parking lot! Sheesh... So we're not going home yet?? Lucky the rain has stopped by then. N got into action replacing the punctured tyre with the spare. Second lucky for us, the tyre shop was just across the road, and it was still opened! Another RM5 spent to fix the punctured tyre and RM 1.80 on a bottle of soya milk later, we were finally home...
* N in action changing tyre (he told me to take these photos ok ? don't think I'm so "sam-pat" to take photos when people are busy changing tyres!)

Everyone got something, including Kiko who was just napping at home. N got Kiko a soft blue pillow, and radio-controlled car. It was love at first sight. I meant the pillow. Kiko just loves scratching the "holes" in the pillow. Somehow, he knew it was meant for him. The car? hmm.. I wouldn't say "love". He was curious yet afraid of it, he tried chasing the car, and barked when the car came at him. Well, that's his new toy for now. Or is it N's new toy? Haii..I don't know..whatever... boys will be boys :P

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