May 3rd, 2008 - A meeting for both sides

It was a little over one month after the proposal before we arranged a meeting for both sides' parents. I was nonchalant about it...until few days before the actual day they were supposed to meet.

We were cracking our heads about :
- when's the best day and time to visit
- what should the guy's family bring for gifts
- what should the girl's family return in gifts
- who should come along
- how to approach the subject to my parents
- where to have dinner

...phew....and you thought it was just a casual meeting only..

Well...though both of us almost freaked out thinking how awkward the moment would be...our parents surprised us by..well..just being parents. Indeed, it felt like a meeting of old friends rather than a "formal proposal meeting". All our concerns melted away when our parents were happily chatting almost about everything EXCEPT the MARRIAGE :-O

Just few hours before N's family arrived, I was busy pratising my chinese calligraphy. Aha..let me tell you why...Because mom said it looks more presentable to have my birth details (ba zi) calligraphed on a piece of red paper. In case you don't know, my "ba zi" has to be given to the guy's family to consult the couple's compatibility and choose an auspicious date.

I was very nervous as N's grandpa had came along..well, that means "IMPORTANT". Yeah, if you would like to say it bluntly, it means "GIVE FACE". It suddenly hit me that..."gosh...I'm getting married leh... going to be other people's daughter-in-law..!!!"

All of us were prettily dressed up, and everyone looked so happy...it caught the attention of my next door neighbour, who was watching all the commotion while he was standing in his front porch. He even jokingly remarked to my sister.."This must be an important day for your family and your sister eh?"

Back to the scene in my house, both families were busy chatting until it was almost time for dinner. Grandpa suggested to have dinner at his favourite "Hin Hua" restaurant somewhere near Brickfields.

Finding the restaurant was a breeze, it was near just few streets away from the YMCA building. First grandpa visited an old Chinese templae just opposite the restaurant. He wanted to book an appointment to choose an auspicious marriage date. It was the same temple that N's parents had consulted for their marriage date.

The dinner at the restaurant was wonderful. The place was nothing to shout about, but the food were tasty! It was a different experience as the food was authentic Hokkien Hin Hua dishes. Grandpa recommended the dishes and all of us were happily stuffed at the end of the dinner. Both families continue to drink and chat, until it was time to go.

The night ended well, and it's official that we've got our parents' blessing to get married :-)

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