Fancy nails

My initial plan was to get new eye shadow colours. But when I stepped into Elianto shop yesterday, my eyes spotted this "RM5 for one". Those colourful nail colours were hard to resist.

I had used its nail
colours before, so I knew it was worthy buy. And again, I was thinking to myself, let's just get a top coat polish and one fancy colour. I ended up buying two more...but still no top coat polish.

So my collection is now...

Oh, the neon orange and one of the marroon bottle have dried out. So you can't count those in. So it ain't too many right..erm..how many? Well...what? It's
only eight of them mah... A creative artist has to have her colour palette ok? :P And my "additional artist tools"...the toe separators (pink coloured) and a dried out correction fluid pen (aka "liquid paper").

Hehe...scratching your head why is the "liquid paper" a tool leh...
I experimented a few materials to find the right tool which I can use to draw simple patterns, and this turned out to be the best.

Since I'm just a novice, I started off with the easy patterns first... I chosed green and white colour combination to offset the greenish hue. Excuse the occassional "stray colours", I still need to practise to paint with my left hand and trying hard to control it not having some "parkinson's disease" while I paint.

My nails

My toes

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