Choosing Pre-Wedding Photography Package

Due to his posting in HK, N and I had this idea of taking our pre-wedding photos in there. We were worried about the price and the logistics, but when we saw what they've to offer, we're totally impressed.

I had actually saw this bridal shop advertisement in one of the local bridal magazines. The local company in KL would arrange to have the couple take their wedding photos in HK. I visited their website several times, and it convinced me that we should take a look at their main shop in HK.

So on my 2nd visit to HK in June, N and I shopped along Kimberly Street (the bridal house street). T
he first shop was not very impressive, and the sales girl sounded so desperate that she asked if "can I have your card please to make the payment?" ...which almost gave us a shock! We politely declined and left.

The 2nd shop was offering exclusive photography in a club house in Repulse Bay. The photos look great, and I loved the exclusive and elegance feel in those scenes. But the price were outrageous! Plus, you only get Repulse Bay, and that's about it.

We had lunch before we went to the third shop, which was the one I spotted in the magazine. The sales girl was extremely friendly, and I loved her! She had totally talked both of us into it. We're so happy and impressed with their offerings that we almost felt like signing up for the package when we left the place. We decided we had to think logically before making the payment.

It didn't take long for us to decide. You could say it was "love at first sight". We called the lady the next day, and made the booking :-)
Aa...now let me tell you about this shop...it's called "My Dream Wedding". The lady who serviced us is Bowie. She's a sweet lady, who is knowledgeable in what we are looking for, and can advise us very well from picking locations to dresses, and tailoring our pacakage. We chose 3 outdoor locations in HK, my three gowns, and N's two tuxedos on the very same day. It was all done within 3-4 hours. So we're set to take photos this coming September :-)

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