Potluck & nails

What an odd title for this post. Yup, you read it right. We had Pot Luck at J's house this time. Since this year, this has been a ritual for my lunch gang. We would take turns hosting a pot luck gathering.

This time we had herbal chicken, fried rice, fried noodles, satay, fried pork strips, barley dessert, fruits and ice cream. No photos on the food as I was too hungry to think of snapping photos. It was only when eating dessert, did I realise that mistake.

Anyway, the highlight of the pot luck gathering was nails stamping! Thanks to A. She recently acquired a new hobby of nails stamping and has bought the necessary nails stamping set. So we were there to be her "guinea pigs" :P

It was fantastic how fast she could use those tools to transform our plain nails into nicely coloured nails with fancy patterns and little sticky glitters. I'm not going to describe in length, let the photos do the talking. Since there are many photos here, I'll post them up in few subsequent posts.

Visit here for nails stamping stuff.

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