March 29, 2008 - The day I said "Yes"

Dear blog readers,

I'm putting backdated posts, apologies for my long disappearance. I've been on a trip and there've been so much happenings and so much work to catch up that I didn't have the mood to sit down to blog.

March 29 is to be (*is already) a significant day in my life. Because this is the day N proposed marriage to me! (*sigh...finally someone wishes me to be his wife & nag him for the rest of his life :P)

If you are hoping for the details, you are going to be disappointed. But hmm...perhaps I'll let slip a little..

Location : HK
Proposal props : Diamond ring (*blinks blinks), a 12-teddies bouquet, wine, chocolates, flower petals, and decorative items

Yup, I think that's enough details.

You asking me if I said "yes" ? Of course la... look back at the title of this post.

Did the "blink blink" help? I don't know for sure...I was dazed (*not sure if it was the diamond that dazed me) and mumbled silly things.

Thinking back, the rock did stun me at first look. The surprise element plus the fact that HE IS PROPOSING TO ME, had made me looked silly for awhile there. I would say it was the happiness that first overcame me, the fact that he took the time and effort to plan everything out, without me noticing abit (*eventhough I almost practically "rummaged" through his things, according to what he said).

Aa...well, what can I say? He did had his best accomplices to help him. And so..yeah, when I think I had my senses back, the rock helped to remind me that... WOW, this guy did actually bought me a REAL DIAMOND! HE ACTUALLY WANTS TO MARRY ME!

That's it for now, stay tuned for updates...yes, you can expect more of wedding related posts from me.

the lazy "bum-bum" blogger,


Pooi Ling said...

Jo...congratulations!!! and yes..it's VERY outdated post aaaa.....hehehe

stubborn-daydreamer said...

ooohhhh the singles like me are green with envy! =P =P =P =P

Although i knew about this from u first hand and teman-ed u go check stuff out, i don't care but i wan to say this again onlineeeee -


Vayfern said...

A friend's gf is into wedding planning biz. You can check out their blog for some tips or reco! It's www.mrandmrsmeow.blogspot.com


firethorn said...

thank you all for your wishes :-)

vay, thanks for the link. I'll drop by your friend's blog for ideas.

anyone has more tips or ideas, yah..i welcome you to drop a comment here. ;-)

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