Shoes for wedding

Lollipoops and I had went shoe hunting at Pavillion KL on one fine day. I thought I had better chances there to get a pair of nice fancy shoes for my wedding photo shot and also of course for the wedding itself. Not quite actually. First of all, the price tags are much heftier, but not necessarily nice to catch my fancy. Secondly, there ain't too many shoes shop around Pavillion with vast enough shoes collection to shop!

Anyway, we spotted this pair at our first stop at Tangs. It was on a sale. Actually, it was the red one that caught my eye. But then, wedding shoes have always traditionally been white/beige, so of course I turned to the champagne coloured sibbling beside it. The price tag made me hesitated. We decided to venture into more shops before deciding.

I was on the verge of giving up on my shoe hunting mission, and Lollipoops suggested we went back to my "first love". I tried the shoes, posed and strutted, aa...the price is still too much... but then I thought, why not? I'm not even sure if I can hunt another pair at other places, sure the price is abit on the high side, but what's more important than my own wedding? What the heck, I swished out my plastic card, and the deal was done :-)

*special thanks to Lollipoops who accompanied me on the shoe hunting trip. Though it was tiring, but I enjoyed the fantastic dinner we had at TGIF!


lolipoops said...

ahahaha..i must say they look fantastic on your feet and a bareback gown :D

jiawen said...

brilliant choice! it blends well with almost all color / design of evening gowns : )

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