1st Housewarming Party @ May-2nd

We had our very first housewarming party earlier this month. It was almost an impromptu party, as we only decided to have a party a week after C&Y's wedding, so that the couple could join in the fun before they flew off.

It was most fortunate that most of our friends still managed to come on that day. N & I had just brought back Kiko the previous day, we were busy attending to Kiko and still had to clean up the house for the party. Both of us were excited with the new pup and also hosting our very first party at home!

We came back from groceries shopping just in time to greet the first batch of visitors. I had pondered many times over the menu for the night, should I cook, steamboat or get some fast food. I knew I couldn't cook for a big crowd, and I don't have a steamboat pot, the dining table can't fit a crowd for sit down dinner... so the best option is to have a finger food ala Pizza Hut's pizzas and roasted chickens from Ayamas, plus some fried nuggets and cocktail sausages, salads and fruits.

The gals popped in early to help me out with the preparations. Thanks to MC, MY and Y who helped me with the cocktail sticks and salad for the night! And also thanks to my dear friends for all the generous housewarming gifts.

We enjoyed ourselves very much watching the wedding photos and videos of C&Y and N&myself, flipping wedding albums, and catching up with each other.

I was glad the party went well. Here are some photos taken courtesy of MY.

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