My favourite perfume - Miss Dior Cherie

There this perfume from Christian Dior that I like particularly - Miss Dior Cherie. It was a gift from N from one of his business trips because I did not get to tag along :P

This perfume's smell was abit too strong for me. I only use it during night functions, particularly when I know I'll be in air-conditioned room. It has this very strong sweet smell, though with my inexperienced nose I can't really tell what those mixed smells are. I googled it, and found that it has notes of Green Tangerine, Violette, Pink Jasmine, Patchouli, Crystalline Musk, Strawberry Leaves, Caramelized Popcorn and Strawberry Sorbet. The smell is long lasting, and can last me through the whole day.

The perfume bottle is cute too, a transparent square bottle with a ribbon design on the cap. I like those open-and-spray type of perfume bottle, which makes application easy without the need to dab the perfume with my fingers. Everytime I use this perfume, it evokes the girlish, flirty, naughty feelings in me.

So if you like this peachy sweet smell, head to a
cologne and perfume store and get a bottle of it too!

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