My custom made shoes are here!

Tadaa!!! This is the pink shoes I ordered from HK. I love the heels! I had to fork out extra to have that gold stainless steel heels haha... well, it's reusable. The shop assistant told me that if the shoes have worn out, you can bring the heels back to the shop for another new pair of shoes. How cool is that! Well, not that I'll return to HK for another pair soon. haha..


AquaMax said...

how about the heel worn out?
by the way the color doesn't look pink to me... looks like purple

firethorn said...

haha..blame it on my camera :P
the actual color looks more like the first picture on the left.

Amidrin said...

Oh! Nice shoes. Wow, you really willing to spend so much for a pair of shoes? No doubt, the heels can be reusable and if you love it, it definitely worth every penny spent :p

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