Rojak and cendol delight in a hot afternoon

Today, I thought of the Indian uncle's rojak and cendol stall near my house.
It wasn't because of I was hungry ( I just had lunch then, mind you).

I recall months ago I was enjoying an afternoon snack at the stall with N.
It was a hot afternoon. Nothing fancy about the food.
But the cendol was cold and refreshing under the hot afternoon sun.

No candle lights dinner nor romantic song, but both of us enjoyed slurping the food and laughed ourselves silly.

...Simple things in life can bring much happiness.

Psst..if you want to know which stall I'm mentioning, ajak me for rojak/cendol anytime hahaha...

*I'm looking forward to N's return for our next visit to the stall :P


lolipoops said...

oiii, bring me along lah...long time no eat cendol by the roadside :P

firethorn said...

yo...no problem.

u drive you new car to my house lah. I havent got the chance to put my bum-bum in your car yet leh..
then i treat you to a nice cendol plus rojak. haha ;-)

lolipoops said...

no probleeeem, but i got one problem, u need to give me your house address or a map! :P

jiawen said...

i know how to go firetorn's house, next time bring me along... : )~

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