The birthday before the big "three-O"

Another birthday, another year...
the one before the big "three-O" .

No surprises, nothing fancy.
Simple dinner with mom and sis, ordered our favourite food - udang masak petai, sotong masak merah, kailan masak ikan masin (i'm salivating as i write this haha), and ais kacang for dessert.

I like the cake. It appears good on pictures. Matches my apple-green finger nail polish :P


Anonymous said...

hey..happy belated birthday!!!

lolipoops said...

wah manyak green itu keeki? really suits ur fingers~~ if i am able to polish my cake-making skills, i make u one lah next time, kekekekee

Amidrin said...

Happy belated birthday! Sorry for late wishes.

firethorn said...

michelle & Amidrin - thanks for your wishes, even though belated :D

lolipoops - yalar..memang green2 tu my bd cake la..it's pandan cake, so it's green loh.

jiawen said...

no worry... u have few more months to polish ur cake-making skills to first make mich + me a keeki each... with that, u should be lots more better to make 1 for firethorn by end of the year... kekeke : P

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