My W photos (preview)

Here's a preview of the wedding photos of yours truly...

"Proposing"at the train station

Intimate moment in the "woods"

HK's neon lights backdrop


lolipoops said...

very nice very niceeeee...i'm looking fwd to see the whole package :D

Amidrin said...

wow! Really very nice photos. Love your makeup. It looks natural and really looks like you! I mean, sometimes people doesn't looks exactly like the real person without the makeup when they had for wedding photo. Would love to see more on the whole wedding photo album. :p

firethorn said...

thank you thank you :)
photo album will come later. hehe.

Anonymous said...

hi nice pics..wich bridal shop?...can share wif me ur wedding album? thks.


firethorn said...

hello hapybride2010,

I took the bridal photo package directly from HK. The shop's name is My Dream Wedding. There's also a shop in Damansara, KL.

You can read more about the package on these postings:



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