Ordering my first pair of custom made shoes

Psst..did I tell you I just ordered a custom made shoes from HK?

I thought I would just buy off the shelf, but the temptation was too hard to resist!

I just had to choose the shoes pattern, the colour, the straps, the heels (height & design) and specify my design of the add-on shoes accessories, have my foot measurement taken, pay a deposit..and the shoes will be ready in about 10 days!

Wow~ I didn't know it would be so easy to have your shoes custom made. And you have so many choices to choose from. Practically almost every shoes shop at the Golden Plaza (Prince Edward Street) can custom make your shoes. And the price starts around HKD260 for a pair of plain shoes. Think of it, you could even order the shoes for any formal occassion or even dancing!

I can only get my feet in it this coming November when I'm going to visit HK for the 4th time :D
I just wished Malaysia had more of these shops...*-*


lolipoops said...

There are custom made shoe shops in Klang valley but I guess the trend isn't there yet, and I don't know if u are allowed to choose the design yourself. It would be really good for my big+small feet! hahahaa

Twiggy said...

cusom made shoes sounds awesome man!!! especially when some o f us have one foot slightly smaller/larger than the other!! hehehe

firethorn said...

i just picked up my custom made shoes during my recent trip to HK. the shoes are gorgeous! :P

will try to post up the pic later.

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