Makan-makan: Folded pancakes @ Taman Segar Pasar Malam

Location : Pasar malam at Taman Segar (opposite of Leisure Mall), every Friday night
Rating : 5/5
Food type : Snack

We happened to catch the "Ho Chiak" episode on one of the weekends, and notice that the place was so familiar. Sure enough, it was in Taman Segar, one of our usual hangout places. So we decided to check it out.

There's this one stall operated by a Chinese-Thai guy, with his assistant. They sell these folded crispy pancakes with various stuffings to choose from eg. chicken floss, banana, chocolate, raisins, mayonnaise, chilli sauce etc. They also sell some smaller softer pancakes, which is stuffed with kaya, bean paste and sweet corn.

We had a go at the crispy version, and it was worth the waiting. Mind you, there's a queue if you want to taste this.

It's quite easy to locate this stall. It's a mini-van stall, located on the left side of the street if you are coming from Leisure Mall. And you can also see they've hung up printed paper of their stall being featured on "Ho Chiak". It was situated in front of a bakery shop when we visited it.

It's thumbs up, I tried the banana-raisins-chocolate version, and i must say the taste blended quite well.

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