Hiking at Bukit Gasing

I'm planning to conquer the highest peak in South East Asia come this September. So I'm not missing any opportunities to stretch my muscles, drench in sweat, and tired myself out till I drop. I've been sticking to my gym schedule, and running up and down the treadmills, on the "Weight losing, fat burning" programs and difficulty levels of "Mountain, Fitness"..haha.. You get the idea..

Bukit Gasing is well known for the nature lovers, it's so near, yet I've never been to it. So last Saturday, I joined N and his colleagues for a hiking trip. We reached slightly before 8am, and I was surprised to see the road leading to the hill was packed with cars packing at the road side (and I thought we were still considered early, shame shame..) There were people who have already sweated out and finished their hiking routine. A group of senior citizens were doing tai chi at small playground nearby.

We're so confident of ourselves, that we decided to take the hardest route. Fortunately for us (maybe just myself), the "hardest" was still fine. It was definitely easier than what I've done before in my previous hiking trips. Yeah, sure, there were some difficult areas, but my gym trainings paid off well (and I'm actually quite proud of it :P)

The entire hiking trip took about 1.5 hours, though it might have been shorter if not because of the number of people in the group. There's a watching tower which you can climb up and have a view of the PJ town, and also a hanging bridge, which is not too challenging ( I think the bridge in FRIM would be more interesting and the view is more spectacular). Anyway, that was just some of the "highlights" during the hike. Oh, there was one guy who looked like he was on some kind of a mission, jogging past us twice during our hike. I heard he is training to climb Mt Everest. Haha...so I guess we're on the right track, yup, surround yourself with positive and enthusiastic people...and feel the "energy".

We did take some photos, but have yet to get my hands on it. Will be posting some of the photos when I get them. Here's the map to the place though.


KA® said...

studying at la salle pj previously .. i did my fair share of hiking there ... good place to hang about

Pooi Ling said...

i'll ask u too if I'm going for a hiking trip next time..don't know tat you are interested.....in fact, if you don't mind, would you want to join my friends to Gunung Datuk, in Negeri Sembilan this Sat? I won't be going though..u can go along with them..

Andy said...

Bkt Gasing is under threat of development. land is already being cleared. to know more, pls go to:
please come and support our struggle to save Bkt Gasing and Save Lives, this Sunday, 13th April 2008.

Andy said...

Part of the trail at Taman Pendidikan Bukit Gasing has collapsed in a big way due to a landslide sometime last week. The trail has been cut off. A bungalow's compound is under threat. Although unrelated to the proposed development on the KL side, this is natural evidence of how fragile Bukit Gasing is. Please join us to SAVE BUKIT GASING.

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