Little Taiwan @ MidValley

Shop name : Little Taiwan
Location : Midvalley, 3rd Floor (Rating : 3/5)
Food type : Taiwanese noodles, rice, desserts, snacks, fancy drinks e.g. Bubble Tea

This is a cute little shop on the 3rd floor of MidValley (near the cinema, same row as McDonald's). I've passed by this shop numerous time but never felt like stopping by to try. I finally tried it two weekends ago, but I was too busy eating and forgot to take any pictures. This time around, I make sure I took pictures when the food is served.

We ordered not too fancy drinks, just simple and plain Jasmine Green Tea and Bubble Red Tea. I didn't notice too much bubble though, but the Jasmine Green Tea smelled fragrant and good as a thirst quencher.

I wanted to have something spicy, so I ordered Spicy Ramen. You could the layer of chilli oil floating on top, with lots of "gau choy" (long strips of vege that looks like sprind onions), some beansprouts, corn, and 2 big chicken meat balls. I didn't enjoy it too much, I guess you have to slurp down the soup to enjoy the taste. But it was too oily for my liking.

Another dish we ordered was the fried glassnoodle ("Tung Fun"). The chinese name in the menu was quite cute, literal translation of it would be "Ants climbing up the tree". Of course I could see no ants, and I still can't figure which part of the dish resembles the ants. Anyway, it was a simple dish, although I didn't taste it, I thought it looked good.

We also ordered a side dish, fried dumplings ("wo tip"). This is one of my favourite side dishes. The meat was succulent enough, and the vinegar dip goes well with it.

This shop offers quite a variety of noodles and rice dishes served in Taiwanese style. The side dishes is a must try. We tried the Tempura (chinese name is "tian bu la", which means sweet but not spicy), is a nice try. The fried pieces goes well with the chilli dip, and the taste is addictive! Here're the pictures of what we had, and I'll definitely return to try out more of their side dishes :P

Little Taiwan shopJasmine Green Tea & Red Tea
Spicy Ramen Noodles (*chinese name "Ma La Ramen")
Fried Glassnoodles (*chinese name translation was "Ants crawling up the tree")
Fried dumplings with ginger strips & vinegar dip


Amidrin said...

since my office is in Mid Valley, I have had my lunch at Little Taiwan there around once a month. My first try is the Spicy Ramen. It was too spicy for me that time. Then I tried it second time and it was a bit not enough taste. Well, I guess what they serve there is not standard. Sometimes taste nice sometimes not... But now I usually order the Beef Noodle (forgot the actual full name). The soup has a little spicy flavour in it. Taste not bad lar... hehe...

AquaMax said...

talking about green tea,
the one i think best is 碧螺春

firethorn said...

aquamax, where's this place that you recommended? adui..next time give lah more details mah.. then i can also go check it out sometime.

Amidrin said...

hey want to blog about something different? Here's a tag for you http://amidrin.blogspot.com/2007/09/one-wordsentence.html

Just copy the contents and change the answer into yours. If you are interested to blog about it, remember to link it back to my blog ya ;P

thongkk said...

You reminded me I've been there once (ALONE) when i was in KL.

Amidrin said...

Aiyo..Calvin, why u go there ALONE? Also, why so long u didn't update ur blog geh?

stubborn-daydreamer said...

hoo..got gathering here...and i baru tau!!

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