HY's housewarming party

HY organised a housewarming party last Friday. We had replacement holiday in lieu of Awal Muharram which fell on a Saturday. Hmm..it's always good to have replacement holiday..hehehe

Thought it was supposed to be a steamboat party lah..but when I reached there, I saw marinated chicken wings and sausages already prepared. yum yum~ so we're having BBQ as well! I especially loved the tomyam paste fish that HY prepared. Thought abit salty, but it was tasty!

We even had cut fruits dipped in choc fondue for desserts...hehehe.. HY said this choc fondue set was a gift from I forgot whom..anyway, we had lots of fun eating and... eating.. :P

Sorry, no pics of food here...just managed to grab this photo from HY collection. Oh, must mentioned this...i like the little christmassy deco, the nice sofa and the the 2 cute piggie and monkey cushion chairs. and the house looks great!

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