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Dearest suggested to go for a walk in a park, Titiwangsa Lake Garden that is. To look look and see see what's the fuss about this Eye on Malaysia (EoM). This is the latest happening place in Kuala Lumpur since Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) was launched early this month.

EoM is a big ferris wheel lighted up with bright lights that offer 15 minutes of panoramic view of KL from the top. There were far too many ppl that night, and the queue for it was snaking all the way probably half km long! We abandoned the plan to ride it. But we took pictures of it, found a nice spot to catch the jets ki show and fireworks display.

The jet ski show was disappointing, maybe I had expected more extravanganza performance. The performers just went round and round the lake, waving to the crowds, and sometimes had fireworks spewing out from the tail of the jet skis.

But the fireworks display were fantastic. It was awesome to watch the fireworks spewing up to the sky right in front or you. We could even feel some of the ashes falling on top of us. It was that near. I heard the fireworks display would only last till end of the month. So catch it while it's still on. It starts around 9:30pm after the jet ski show. Unfortunately, I only had my phone camera with me, and the shots were not that pretty. I've picked 2 decent photos to share here.

Eye on MalaysiaFireworks display

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